June 1, 2012#

What is your Online Presence?

Social media has become a part of daily life. From the forum you are speaking through to the content you place, a reflection of yourself is now readily accessible for anyone to see. On Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and countless other forums, you present the world with an image, but you are cautioned about your choice in content from employers, employees, the government, customers and even vendors. Even Brad Paisley sings about the way people talk about themselves online.

Don’t let the warnings scare you away. There are ways to hone and refine your online persona. Here are some suggestions for making the best online impression:

1. Discover your message.

  • What’s your goal for using social media? Whether you’re building up connections, reaching out to customers and vendors or seeking to network with other professionals, you must establish a message before you can begin to take advantage of any social media forum.
  • Create a plan. Sit down and brainstorm all the ways you would like to take advantage of social media. Use these ideas to decide the best way to move forward and take full advantage of online forums and messages.

2. Build up your online portfolio.

  • Blog/website: Having a blog creates a valuable opportunity to hone in on your target audience. In addition, consistent writing will strengthen areas of expertise or interest. Blogs also rank higher in search engines, increasing your online visibility.
  • LinkedIn Profile: This website provides a forum for professional networking. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to upload resumes, cover letters and reference letters. It is a great venue for personal marketing, job hunting and meeting other professionals.
  • Facebook Profile: Use Facebook to share current initiatives within your company. Take advantage of the profile picture to share your company’s logo. Another great feature is timeline. You can use timeline to highlight products and advertise upcoming events. By making status updates a daily goal, you can keep your friends and colleagues connected and informed.
  • Twitter Profile: Having a Twitter account provides you with a platform to connect with individuals, community leaders or other people you may not normally connect with in a conversational atmosphere. Engaging and interacting with other tweeps will prove to be beneficial, interesting and fun if you use it consistently and appropriately.

3. What’s next?

  • Now that you have built up your online portfolio using the message of your choice, you can feel confident with your presence online.


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