June 20, 2012#

Public Relations in San Antonio’s World of Fashion

With the advent of social media, the job description for PR professionals continues to evolve and transform daily. New practices and creative techniques for brand awareness, media coverage, and customer involvement keep PR professionals on their toes.

The alluring world of fashion PR is particularly eye-catching. Within San Antonio, the fashion industry continues to grow  through outlets such as San Antonio Fashion Week and The International Academy of Design & Technology. SA fashion is also gaining more recognition as San Antonio designers make their way to New York Fashion Week.

PR Couture: Fashion PR’s Haute Spot is a website containing a wealth of information about fashion publicists as well as PR professionals working exclusively within the field of fashion. Their industry articles are informative, exciting and accompanied by eye-catching photography.

Here is some of what goes into the fascinating world of PR within the Fashion Industry:

Fashion PR can be tackled in two ways: in-house or agency PR:
In-house: Many large fashion companies keep their PR in-house. This means the company’s public relations services are tackled by an individual or team employed by the company itself. All aspects of operations regarding the brand, press, image and magazine credits, go to this in-house specialist.

Agency PR: This is an alternative to keeping PR within the company’s actual building. Agencies take on several clients at once, often in a variety of fields and industries. Because of their work with several companies, agencies bring a variety of experience and range of expertise to the table.

The fashion world is 100 percent business accompanied by 100 percent creativity, which means freedom of expression is certainly encouraged. However, this fast-paced field can also be very stressful. The glamorous portrayal of the fashion world by Hollywood is not entirely accurate. Exciting parties are great, but in the PR world they are also a part of your job, sometimes after working a 12-hour day.

A career in fashion PR demands high involvement, including long hours, diligence and attention to details. Before jumping into this field, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Previous experience in PR will help you assess your readiness.

Don’t forget the fundamentals. The content may be different, but the concepts are the same. Bring the social tools, platforms and outreach strategies you have learned from other campaigns into your experiences with fashion PR. Regardless of what niche you select, knowing the industry is an important aspect. Combining specialized knowledge with expert PR techniques is the classic recipe for PR success.

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