May 9, 2014#


Photo Credit: KSAT News

Photo Credit: KSAT News

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we love the Internet.  Because someone can do something stupid, and a bunch of people can get together and call him or her out on it.  Specifically, Charles Barkley can make an inappropriate remark about San Antonio women, and said women can collaborate to show him that not only is he wrong, he is way out of line.

You may have seen the #ProudSAWoman hashtag floating around yesterday on social media, and then watched as it spread virally to the KSAT evening news, Rivard Report, and hundreds of women’s social media accounts.  My friends Tori, Melanie, and Michelle were the genius brains behind this social experiment, and I applaud their efforts in tackling the tough issues of body shaming, self-perception, and bullying.  What Charles Barkley did was not ok, but he has been given a microphone and therefore has a significant amount of power.  I love that San Antonio women took back the microphone and changed the conversation.  From one-sided to a discussion.  From degrading to inspiring.

The greatest social media campaigns aren’t the ones that sell a bunch of Oreos, or make you think of Charmin bath tissue when you run out.  It’s the ones that change the way society thinks about a topic, and makes a group with no voice suddenly rise up and take a stand.  Think Dove’s real beauty campaigns, or WaterisLife’s #firstworldproblems video.

So here’s to you, #ProudSAWoman, we think you’re swell.  And thanks for teaching all of us that social media has truly leveled the playing field, it’s just a matter of speaking up.


– Aquila Mendez-Valdez, Account Manager at Sammis & Ochoa

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