Sammis & Ochoa is driven by a brand promise and core values that place less emphasis on numbers and more emphasis on you.

We are proud to stand behind you and your business, and we adhere to the following core values, which are crucial to our success and yours. They are what connect us. Without them, we exist in name only.

Our Company Purpose
We energize!

Core Values
1. Have faith, and never, ever give up.
2. Deliver happiness by any means necessary.
3. Take ownership of your work and hold others accountable.
4. If you don’t know, find a solution. If you still don’t know, ask.
5. Demand excellence from yourself and others.
6. Communicate clearly and directly.
7. Listen closely to our clients and your teammates.
8. Be gracious in victory and defeat.
9. Show respect to clients, team members, leaders and colleagues.
10. View failure as the pathway to embracing greatness.

The S&O Brand Promise 
Deliver happiness to you.
Put your investment to work.
Get you deserved recognition.