October 11, 2012#

Pixar Head of the Class in Creative Marketing

Just when you thought you thought your alma mater was cool. Disney and Pixar have proven why they are the leaders in innovative creativity. To promote the upcoming prequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University, the movie studios have launched a complete website akin to real-life college websites. The site doesn’t overtly promote the film with the standard trailer found on other movie websites. Instead, what they’ve done is combine the fictional elements of the movie and parodied it with an aspect of life many of us can relate to. On the website you can learn about Monster University’s studies in scaring theory, scream technology, and an academic study suggesting that two monster heads really are better than one!

This goes to show that the way things have always been done may not be the best way. Cookie cutter tactics just don’t cut it anymore. Any movie studio could put together a promotional website for its upcoming film. Chances are that it would generate moderate traffic, but what they fail to do is create a lasting impact. How many times do we see trailers at the theater that generate anticipatory excitement only to forget them a week later? One can easily spend much more time exploring this pseudo-site than any legitimate movie site. And once again, in a world of millions of messages, time is very impactful.

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