July 18, 2012#

How to Use Pinterest

Studies show Pinterest is on its way to the top of the social media food chain. However, this image-based outlet can be somewhat difficult to maneuver. Never fear! We have waded through the online trenches and explored an overwhelming amount of recipes, workout tips and crafty DIY projects to understand this forum for you.

You don’t have to be a media mogul to engage this new social media trend. Here are some simple tips to understand Pinterest and take full advantage of its many features:

Target Your Audience:
This message never ceases to ring true- studying your primary audience is essential to successful communication, regardless of the message or channel. This is true for Pinterest, as well as any other social media site. So we will continue to say it – define your demographic, describe your key client, and profile your primary viewers. However you do it, make sure you know who it is you’re trying to reach.

Connect with Fellow Pinners:
One great article we found gave a summary of Beth Hayden’s Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest. Here are our two favorite tips from the article:
•    Share information- Please do us all a favor, and don’t use Pinterest to pitch your product 24/7. Remember, Pinterest is about sharing great content, so now that you know your target audience, pin things they will love. Rather than constantly hounding your audience for sales, use Pinterest as a way to connect your audience with useful information.
•    Problem solve- Remember no one really cares about your product. They are using Pinterest to find solutions or fulfill a need. Pinterest is a great forum to do just that, with hundreds of problem-solving techniques from toning your thighs and calves to perfecting your favorite recipe.
And remember, connecting is always easier over a laugh!
•    Have fun- Pinterest is a great way to express your company’s personality so don’t be afraid to do just that. Many companies have a board dedicated to jokes, funny photos, even gag gifts.

Get the Most from your Pins:
Of course, many of your pins will relate specifically to your products and company. Here are some important ways to make sure your Pinterest is reinforcing the brand you are working hard to develop.

•    All about appearances- This visual website is all about images, so remember to use high quality pictures. The creation of Pinterest also reminds companies to choose high quality photos for their websites and blogs. Even if you don’t pin it, a fan of your product might.
•    Put a link on it- Linking the image is extremely helpful. Remember to link to the website where the original content is found, not simply the homepage. The easier it is for people to click through, the better.
•    Add a price- Putting the cost in the corner of the image automatically adds your pin to the “Gifts” category of Pinterest.
•    Tag pins- Similar to Twitter, Pinterest images can be tagged using the friendly # symbol. See what’s on trend, and mark keywords or topics. Who doesn’t love a good hashtag?

Promote your Pinterest Presence:
Use your other social media networks to promote the addition of your Pinterest. Tweet, blog or post on Facebook to share your new Pinterest account. Occasionally, share the creation of new pins on Facebook or Twitter.

Study the Results:
All PR professionals will tell you that completing a communications campaign means you are only halfway done with the process. You must now study the success or failure of your campaign. The same is true of your approach to Pinterest. Studying the success of pins through measurement of click-throughs, likes and re-pins is the best way to study the scope of your Pinterest. Pinerly is an effective Pinterest management program with analytical insights to the success of your Pinterest page.

You now have all the tools necessary for a successful platform on Pinterest. Happy pinning!

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