August 23, 2013#

Do you really think you can do better on your own?

“Do you really think you can do better on your own?”

I was asked this question about three years and seven months ago in reference to building a business. My response was this, “I can only try.” My response over the past three years and seven months has changed. Now, it’s this – Absolutely, I can do better, but I’m not doing it on my own. You never really do anything on your own. We’re surrounded every day by a cloud of witnesses, cheerleaders or mentors that allow us to do better, to be stronger, to execute our noble cause.

I have been incredibly blessed every day for the past three and a half years, really, for the past thirty, but the past three and a half have provided me with some of the greatest opportunities, challenges and lessons of my life. I frequently preach the mantra – kick ass, take names and be a blessing. I believe these three things are incredibly important every day, the last one in particular. We are so blessed every day that I feel it’s only fair to be a blessing to others – to help others either reach their potential or realize the positive impact that they make on a daily basis because they have reached or are exceeding their potential every day.

Every day, I count a blessing. I write it down – something that I was the most thankful for each day. Today, I could write about a million. For the most part, it’s people. It’s the people that God has placed in my life that allow me to live the way forward, make a difference and create uniquely attractive opportunities for others.

Just today, I had the opportunity to encounter many of those who I count as blessings on a daily basis – whether by email, phone or in person. My family is the greatest blessing that God has bestowed upon me. I am wise enough to open my eyes wide enough every day to realize this. They are my rocks. They teach me something new every day. I am blessed enough to have a business partner that is my best friend, my brother, my guide. We commit our work to God every day, and that’s what makes it work. The team that surrounds me makes me happy and spirited every day. They are young, vibrant and hard-working, and they value happiness. Today, my mentors taught me about appreciating challenges that I am given every day and the great opportunity that I have to serve my noble cause to help others. I was graced with the presence of one of the most incredible humans I’ve ever met who reminded me (and does on a daily basis) that the decisions we make are what give us positivity, happiness and the option to enjoy life every day. He shared this with me, which you should read, too, if you like enjoying life. My point being – God drops people in our lives that we are supposed to have with us.

I read an excerpt about three months ago out of a book called, “The Best Business Decisions of All Time,” that said this in Jim Collins’ foreword, “Fundamentally, the world is uncertain. Decisions are about the future and your place in the future when that future is uncertain. So what is the key thing you can do to prepare for that uncertainty? You can have the right people with you.”

Well, I do have the right people with me. You do, too. You just have to open your eyes wide enough to realize it, and you have to do that every single day in order to really appreciate it. Happiness is a choice, and the people that can make you the happiest surround you every day – you just have to ensure they are the right ones. So, when reconsidering that question – do you really think you can do better on your own? I’d say, “Hell yes.”

But again, it’s not on my own, it’s by the opportunities I’ve been given, by the people who surround me and by opening my eyes wide enough and working hard enough so that I am able to help others, to make others happier and to share in the blessings that we are so richly blessed with every day. Be better every day. Be stronger every day. Do something that scares you every day (that one’s Eleanor Roosevelt’s). Embrace the challenges. Overcome your fears. Do something for someone who can never repay you (this one belongs to John Wooden). Appreciate life, especially the people in it. And count your blessings – every single day. Life is worth enjoying.



  1. Great stuff, Tanya! Thanks for blessing people in so many different ways!

  2. I love you guys! You all move mountains in such a graceful way!

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